After a mistake, alt+letter activates both the Accent AND the Hotkey simultaneously

I use the Accent Shortcuts (alt+letter to insert accented version of letter pressed) all the time.

I also use a few Shortcut Hotkeys:

  • Enter Submit answer, next sentence, next round — all the time
  • alt+h Use hint when playing text input — all the time
  • ctl+Space Replay audio (when available) — sometimes

The problem is that if I make a mistake and then rewrite the answer, the Accent Shortcut AND the corresponding Shortcut Hotkey are both activated simultaneously. This doesn’t happen before making a mistake.

For example, in the exercise “Tu ne peux pas savoir comme je suis [ ému ].”, the expected answer is [ ému ].

I press twice alt+e, é appears (first press produces è, the second press switches è to é); then I press Enter twice because I don’t know the answer and let Clozemaster fill it in for me. I see the answer: ému. Then I delete the answer (backspace or ctrl+backspace) and try to write it myself.

Now comes the bug.

At first press of alt+e:

  • sometimes appears è AND the Report Error popup.
  • other times appears èému AND the Report Error popup.

If I don’t press alt+e a second time fast enough, now I find myself in the Report Error popup and underneath remains è (doesn’t switch to é).
If I press alt+e twice fast enough, now I also find myself in the Report Error popup, but underneath è was switched to é.
Any consequent key presses won’t appear in the answer box, because now I’m in the popup.

Now I have to close the popup first, either by pressing Escape or by clicking with the mouse on Cancel or outside the popup, and then click with the mouse inside the answer box, because the cursor isn’t there after exiting the popup.

With other combinations of alt+character, other popups appear.

For the sake of speed, I prefer to not use the mouse during the exercises.

This kind of interruption have been bugging me for a long time and I so much wish it could be fixed.

Windows 8.1, last versions of Opera and Firefox browsers.