Adjusting daily goal resets your streak

Someone posted on Reddit that they’d wrongly lost their daily streak, despite their activity graph showing they were active every day.

I thought at first that perhaps they’d set a high daily target, and just not managed to meet that, despite having been active each day.

They mentioned their streak having been reset two days ago, so it wasn’t to do with a Daylight Saving Time/Summertime change, though of course there is still the possibility that they travelled between timezones themselves. However, I thought it would be most prudent to start with the daily target thing.

I thought I’d make a screenshot to illustrate the daily target and streak settings, which I myself haven’t bothered to adjust since first coming across Clozemaster and not yet knowing what it was, nor how useful it would be to me, so it was still at the “basic” setting (10 points), despite me generally easily completing even the “insane” target each day.

So while trying to illustrate the daily targets (and because it seemed more realistic that they might have missed a higher target), I thought to update my daily target and boom streak lost.

Thus making it the most likely option that said user also lost their daily streak, merely by adjusting their daily target.

Even changing my daily goal back to the original “basic” 10 points target, didn’t restore my previous streak.

Now while it doesn’t matter much to me (I was only mildly excited to be reaching 100 days next week, but will happily start over again), I do think to some it might be quite discouraging that making your goals more or less ambitious for whatever reason, would reset your streak.

I believe your goals should be able to change along the way, from wanting to challenge yourself more, to needing to slow things down, because you have other things requiring your attention. As long as you meet whatever target is set for that specific moment, I feel it should count towards your overall streak. (And if nothing else, at the very least, changing your daily goal back to the original setting, should reinstate the original streak in my opinion, regardless of whichever school of thought one might belong to with regards to allowing changing goals over time in general)



Ok, I just noticed that, while my Italian streak was reset, my overall streak (which is of identical length to the Italian one), was maintained.

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Hi @sindaco. When I was newish and trying out my daily goals (to go insane or not;-) I lost my streak each time to 0, which seemed odd. I was just relieved to find my “main streak” still there! As you say, it’s not that big a deal, but it has put me off reducing or increasing my daily goals. Ah, perhaps there’s method in the madness?


Yeah, for me it’s not a big deal either, I guess I’m not destined to hit a 100 day streak for Italian just yet (though I did manage to beat my first one, which was probably only around 60 days or so, and lost because I found myself without a connection for some days), but I could see it definitely putting some people off.

It makes sense that you join, you start small or overly ambitious, and then after a while think “hey, perhaps this works better”.

Anyway the Reddit user replied they hadn’t changed their daily goals, so still not sure what’s going on there, but thought a bug report on the issue might save others from it happening to them :wink:


Thanks for all this and thanks for responding in the subreddit! We’re working on making the reset optional - should have it up within the next week.


Ah that’s brilliant, thanks so much :slight_smile: I saw that you’ll also be able to restore their streak, so that’s great too!

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