Adding hints has stopped working

I find that adding hints is no longer working; the added hints are not saved. It still seems possible to edit existing hints, though.

I think it’s a recent regression, but it’s hard to tell exactly. I only spotted the bug by coincidence, when I was wondering why my recently-added hints weren’t showing.

How to reproduce:

  1. Add a hint to a cloze, in the Edit popover.
  2. Re-edit the cloze.

Expected behavior: you should be able to see the hint you just added.
Current behavior: the hint field is blank.

@mike This is a serious regression that hinders my workflow. I put down quite some energy finding synonyms for my hints, which is now wasted.


Thanks for the bug report and sorry for the trouble! For which collection or collections are you seeing the issue?

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I can’t see that it’s related to a specific collection. I have seen it in all the language pairings I’m currently playing: Italian from English, Spanish from English and Spanish from Swedish.

Added: Seeing which collection is affected is actually a bit complicated, in Review All. ;(

Thanks for the reply! It seems to only be affecting custom collections. We should be able to get a fix up today.


This issue should now be fixed. Please let us know of course if you’re still seeing it!