Adding a hint also changes alternative answers

I’ve been adding my own hints to many of the sentences in the French from English Fast Track, particularly where the translations employ colloquialisms, or they are translation from/to idioms.

Now, with some of these sentences, other kind people have already added alternative answers. If I click on the “edit sentence” button and add a hint to one of these sentences, then click “Save”, and then click the “edit sentence” button again, the alternative answer has been modified, and is no longer usable as an alternative answer.

Specifically, the alternative answer has square brackets and quotation marks added that surround it.

As an example, let’s take the sentence Ça va être coton which has coton as the cloze. Some kind person has added difficile as an alternative answer in this case. Now, if I were to add a hint to help get the answer coton (for example, simply use the translation cotton), then the alternative answer difficile would be amended to be [“difficile”], and so would no longer be usable as an alternative answer (there would now be a different alternative answer, but not a particularly useful one).

I could then edit back the alternative answer to its original form, and this would be honoured, but I would appreciate it greatly if this could be looked at in order to fix the original bug.


I’ve noticed that if I use the “edit sentence” facility to change my percentage completed score on a sentence, this also has the effect of modifying the alternative answers (with the square brackets and quotation marks as described in the initial bug report).

I frequently change the percentage completed on sentences as part of my workflow. If I get to the stage where I master a sentence but I’m not completely happy that I could recall it easily, then I will reset the percentage completed so that it shows up again soon (say 25% or 50%, depending on my confidence level).

I would prefer not to have to use a complicated workflow for this (i.e. edit the sentence to change my percentage completed, whilst also checking whether there are alternative answers, and if there are alternative answers then save the sentence and then edit the sentence again so that I can revert the alternative answers).

Given this latest information, I would hypothesise that it may be the case (not nested), that any use of the “edit sentence” facility will have the effect of modifying the alternative answers.


I can confirm this behavior. I have also verified that it stops alternative answers from working.


Thanks for letting us know! We’ll get working on a fix.


Looking forward to that. Of course, the bug would most probably have been discovered sooner if alternative answers were displayed after answering. Just saying :relaxed:

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This should now be fixed :+1: Please let us know of course if you’re still seeing any issues. @morbrorper good point about showing alternative answers after answering, will see what we can do.


I’ve found a problem that I hadn’t encountered before relating to alternative answers. I’m not sure whether this is an old bug or if it is related to the fix (or potentially some associated database cleanup), but either way I’ll add it to this bug report and leave it for you to decide, @mike.

I’ve now typed in a couple of alternative answers and found that they were then considered to be incorrect. I checked the answers using the “edit sentence” panel, and the answers appeared to be spelt exactly as I had entered them, and in addition, the answers displayed as green all the time that I was typing them in. The alternative answers were from different sentences, and in each case, they were the only alternative answer provided for that sentence.

Investigating this issue, I noticed that in the alternative answer section of the edit sentence panel, each of these alternative answers had a single space after them. I removed the space from each of these two alternative answers in the edit sentence panel, and then afterwards each of these alternative answers was considered as valid. It therefore appears as though the extraneous space was considered part of the answer that the cloze was being matched against (I did try entering an extra space for my answer, but it was ignored).

I wonder if you could please investigate.

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Just wanted to let you know we’re still working on this - thanks again for letting us know, and please let us know of course if you notice any issues.