Add "Sentence is miscategorized" to the standard possible complaints for a sentence

Currently, the “Report an error” dialog box has three options:

  • There’s an error in the sentence
  • There’s an error in the translation(s)
  • Other

I suggest adding another one:

  • The sentence is miscategorized

I make this suggestion because I’ve found plenty of miscategorized sentences in Russian. For instance, I’ve seen a fair number of sentences in the category “Active, Passive, and Adverbial Participles” where the cloze word is the proper noun Катя (Katya), which happens to have the same spelling (aside from capitalization) as the adverbial participle formed from the verb катить. I see a similar problem with sentences under “Future Tense Perfective Verbs” where the cloze word is погодите, which is written the same as a future tense perfective verb, but is actually an imperative (given the context of the sentence). Each time that I encounter this, I have to choose “Other” and do some typing. Instead, I wish I could just click the checkbox next to a “The sentence is miscategorized” option. Furthermore, given the nontrivial number of miscategorized sentences, it would be easier for the developers to fix them all at once, and having an option to flag them makes that simpler.

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Good point! Thanks for the feedback. Continuing to choose “Other” is fine in the meantime as these sentences will likely be simply removed.

I suppose I can simply type “miscategorized” rather than give as much information as I have been giving. I assume that the people who will remove the sentences know enough about the grammar of the sentence to figure out for themselves why it’s miscategorized. Right?

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