Add link back to Clozemaster from Forum

Currently, I can access the forum from Clozemaster through the dropdown menu in the top-right, where account settings and switching languages and whatnot occurs. However, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent link anywhere from the forum back to Clozemaster. This is a rather small pet peeve, as I know I can simply cut the “/forum” from the url, but it would be nice to have a more convenient option and would improve the UI/UX consistency of the site.

Can a button/link be added somewhere to navigate back to Clozemaster proper from the forums?


I would really like this, too.


I was just now trying to ask for the same feature, here are my reasons:

I think it would be useful to have a link back to the cloze exercise from its discussion forum message.

I am studying Japanese, but try to help the Italian learners when I can. I think having the link back to the question would be useful because:

  • Sometimes, someone points out a problem in the text-to-speech or the translation. If I as a native speaker can verify there is a problem, I could flag the problem in the exercise page.

  • If I find an interesting sentence in the discussion page, I may want to add to my favorites.

  • If a native speaker finds issues with the sentence, maybe I would like to remove it from my learning set


I was unaware of this thread and mentioned a similar request here.

I don’t know when this happened but I note that up at the top right there is now a link to which takes us back to our dashboard. Many thanks, @mike!