Add a way to search by 100% learned, OR add a incremental feature to 100% words

I’m finally getting to the point that my 100% learned words are reappearing in large numbers. Lots of them I want to now set to “ignore” but I don’t want to repeatedly interrupt my review to set them as such.

So I thought it would be nice to just look up 100% words and batch mark them - but I don’t think there is a way to do so.

Even better would be a way to auto-magically have a percent increase on rescheduling a 100% word:
Assume I have my 100% review set at 100 days and I have my (suggested) “Reschedule %” set to 50.
My 100% word comes up for review: If I get it correct, it is now scheduled for 100 days plus 50%, or 150 days. Next time I get it correct 225 days, etc.

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