About Breton orthography

When I started using Clozemaster I submitted a correction for the Breton course that I assume went nowhere regarding the letter c’h. In Breton orthography, c’h is a single letter all on its own. Yet throughout the course, clozed words with c’h are always broken up unnaturally at the middle ', resulting in clozed words that aren’t words, but rather mere word fragments.

Now I just started the Cornish course–admittedly I’m baffled by this addition seeing the other Celtic languages courses aren’t very fleshed out or popular and some are still missing basic features available on nearly all other course, like short-cut buttons for diacritics (which by the way would be so helpful with the Welsh course)–and here, the course respects Cornish orthography by recognizing that words like yll’ta are a single word and doesn’t break them up like the Breton course does with every clozed word with a c’h. Why can you do this for Cornish and not for Breton?

Also, why is there no Breton from French course still?

This app is going to slowly drive me insane, I swear.