A la comadreja se le reconoce por su mal olor.

English Translation

The weasel is noted for its bad smell.

“A la comadreja se le reconoce”, is this grammatically correct?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just say “la comadreja se reconoce”?

It is correct.

:information_source: A (object) se le (referring to the object) reconoce por (razón).
:white_check_mark: A la cigüeña se le reconoce por sus historias de los bebés.

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OK, I was more thinking of “You recognize the weasel on its bad smell.” Not the same thing.

Sorry, did I confuse you or was I able to explain it out well? :person_raising_hand:

Don’t worry! I misread the English as “You note the presence of a weasel by its bad smell” or “You recognize the weasel by its bad smell”. But the meaning is “The weasel is known for its bad smell”, which is what you explained.

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