2.9.5 Speech-to-text bug

I really like the new update. The moving of the submit button was an update I hadn’t thought of, but it’s definitely a useful one. I believe this version introduced a bug, though.

I dictate many clozes per day in listening mode. I had gotten into the habit of tapping into whitespace after the dictation’s made and then hitting submit, because in a much earlier version, hitting enter or submit or both (I forget) directly would cause the TTS audio not to load on the next sentence, I guess since dictation hadn’t been intentionally turned off. More recently I’d occasionally tap enter on the keyboard directly, knowing the old bug was addressed (but old habits die hard :slight_smile:). So I’m reasonably sure this is new.

A new sentence loads, I dictate the answer, and the correct dictation appears in the answer field. I hit the keyboard icon in the bottom right of the dictation area (same place as where the enter key is) to stop dictation and to be able to tap ‘enter’. I quickly tap ‘enter’ and the sentence is marked wrong. I see in the answer field that the cloze word has been duplicated and inserted before the original dictation with a space character in between. This does not happen if I tap in whitespace or on the green submit button directly after dictation, while dictation is still running. This happens 100% of the time when I stop dictation the “right” way to get back to the keyboard.

For example, for a cloze word ‘dictation’, I say “dictation” and I get “Dictation” in the answer field. I hit the keyboard icon and my response is transformed into “dictation Dictation”.

Speech-to-text can give some unexpected output, as I’ve seen over time, but I don’t think I’ve seen this before.

Anyway, thanks for 2.9.5!