"100% Mastered" button (checkmark) on iOS app vs website (and "Known" (brain) icon)

Hi there,

I have started using Clozemaster a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it (working through the Swedish collections right now).

I was wondering about a little discrepancy between the mobile app (iOS) and the website:
On the website, the “checkmark” button sets the sentence to “100% Mastered”, which makes it reappear with the normal 100% interval. On the iOS app, the same “checkmark” sets it to “100% Mastered” and additionally sets the review date to the year 2100, essentially removing it from reviews.

Since I am mainly using the mobile app, I really would like to not completely remove a sentence in this way, but just want to set it to “100% Mastered”, so it will reappear at some point in time.

The current “checkmark” button on mobile behaves more like the “brain” button on the web version (even though I am not quite sure if they really do the same thing).

Are there any plans to make the available functionality more similar between mobile and web?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


It’s the same on the Android app, and I can’t say I like the behavior. My workaround is to edit the cloze and manually adjust the percentage; maybe it works for you, too.

Personally, I find the web interface far superior to the app, so I use it even on my smallish smartphone, only using the app for the offline mode and the “radio” function.

Editing the cloze and setting the percentage manually is very cumbersome, but thanks for the tip!

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