Znalazłem w niej prawdziwego przyjaciela.

Is the Polish original sentence correct here? Should it be either ‘Znalazłem w niej prawdziwej przyjaciółki’ or ‘Znalazłem w nim prawdziwego przyjaciela’? Or does the gender of the pronoun (niej, in the original sentence) not make a difference to ‘prawdziwego przyjaciela’, in this context? Thanks!

The Polish sentence looks okay, although “znalazłem w niej prawdziwą przyjaciółkę” would work as well.

The sentence refers to the person’s general role in the speaker’s life, so it’s fine to use the masculine form—which kind of also works as the default “neutral form”—when talking about a woman.

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Ah … thanks, it makes a lot more sense now and I can now see my error with the verb governance of ‘znaleść’ … it should be accusative.