Ziehen Sie sich bitte aus!

Take your clothes off, please.I’m a bit confused. Is this an idiom? I don’t see any reference to clothing in this sentence.

“Ausziehen” does indeed mean “to undress”: dict.cc | ausziehen | English Dictionary

You can use this verb with a direct object:

Ziehen Sie Ihre Jacke aus = take your jacket off

Ziehen Sie Ihre Kleider aus = take your clothes off

Or very informally (and rudely):

Zieh den Kram aus! = Take your clothes off! (literally “take that stuff off!”)

Or, you can use it with a reflexive object (“sich”), as Clozemaster has done in this example, in which case a better English translation might be just “Undress yourself!”


Ah it’s a separable verb. I didn’t realize. Thank you for the explanation :grin: