Zieh dich nicht an wie ein Flittchen.

I’m a bit confused about the word order; is it legit for “an” to come where it does, and not at the end of the sentence? Is this more casual and not technically correct grammar?

No, this is perfectly normal. The conjugated part of the verb just has to be placed after a could be a sentence on its own (which contains verb and subject) not strictly at the very end of the full sentence. Though the sentence itself is very 60’s colloquial, because of its meaning.


Love it, because it’s true. The cultural changes during the last 20+ years made this sentence irrelevant.

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I only wish we could get over this kind of garbage here in the United States. Here, the concept of “dressing like a slut” is still very much alive. It’s most common with the older generations, but the concept is still occasionally used (not ironically) among younger people too, especially people with more socially conservative values.