Z mojego powodu wpadł w wiele kłopotów. (Sentence Note)

Some help please …

  • The Eng CM translation is ‘He put himself to much trouble on my behalf.’
  • ‘To put oneself to a lot of trouble’ in English suggests that a person is willing to help another person, to such an extent, that it will even be to their own detriment.
  • Does the Polish ‘wpadł w’ suggest more a consequential situation, rather than a deliberate act? If so, would the Polish be better translated as ‘Because of me, he got into a lot of trouble’ ??? Thanks!

You’re absolutely right, the Polish sentence makes it sound like the person got into trouble by accident, or maybe even against their own will. So it wouldn’t be a selfless act as suggested in the English sentence.

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Many thanks, I’ll report this one next time.