Wyszedł na dwór mimo burzy.

Is there a mistake in the original Polish sentence? Should it be ‘Wyszedł na dworze mimo burzy’? (Source Polish English Dictionary, Grammar, Verbs, Usage Reference & type in ‘dwór’). Thanks

“Na dworze” (“na” + the locative form of “dwór”) is the correct form when used in “static” contexts, for example:

  • Siedzę na dworze. (“I’m sitting outside”)
  • Gdzie jest Marek? / Na dworze. (“Where is Marek?” / “He’s outside.”

When it comes to contexts involving motion (such as forms of the verb of motion “iść”, including “wyjść”), the accusative is used in place of the locative. This is why we have “wyszedł na dwór” (accusative of “dwór”) here.

I briefly mention this in my guide to Polish verbs of motion here: Polish Verbs of Motion “iść”, “jechać”, and Other Related Verbs

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Ah … thanks I think I understand, from your article, I guess its the same ‘Idziemy na basen. (“We’re going to the swimming pool.”)’

That’s right! You say “Idziemy na basen” (accusative), but “Jesteśmy na basenie” (locative).