Wyluzuj na chwilkę.

Can someone tell me, please … is ‘Wyluzuj’ some kind of informal/unofficial word? I couldn’t find it on a couple of on-line dictionaries. However, Google translate does describe it as an interjection, meaning 'chill out!" I realise it is an imperative form … does it have an infinitive base verb, or is it just a stand-alone word? Thanks!


This is a derivative of “wyluzować (się)” meaning to take it easy, kick back and relax, etc. You might literally understand it as “to loosen up” in a figurative sense. Related, I presume, to “luźny” (loose) and “luźność” (looseness). I suspect that it is even related to English “loose,” given the phonological similarity and the fact that it was apparently borrowed from the German “lose” meaning the same thing (per Polish wiktionary etymological note).


Thanks, that’s a very good and detailed explanation, it’s appreciated.

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Wyluzuj na chwilkę. - it’s an imperative here and it means “you should take a break or you should relax”. Perhaps it also depends on context, but I asked a native speaker and she confirmed this.