Würde ich euch einen kleinen Finger reichen, würdet ihr vielleicht die ganze Hand nehmen.

Italian Translation

Se io ti dessi una mani, tu forse prenderesti tutto il braccio.

Non è corretto il soggetto della traduzione. Se io vi dessi …, voi forse prendereste ***. E’ comprensibile per la differenza di significato nel tradurre you dall’inglese all’italiano. Questo putroppo sta a significare che tutte le traduzione vegnono prima fatte in inglese poi nella lingua target.

The subject of the translation is incorrect. If I you gave …, you would perhaps take ***. It is understandable because of the difference in meaning when translating you from English into Italian. This unfortunately means that all translations are done in English first and then in the target language.

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I understand your point.
It is also f"finger" to “mani” and “Hand” to “braccio”
So, it is possible that the saying in German is not translated at all, but completely replaced by the euqivalent Italian saying?

And,by the way, why is it “una mani”?

Edit: Just to explain what I mean, here is another example of a non-transalation of sayings with the same sense:

Non mettiamo il carro davanti ai buoi
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Wir sollten nicht das Pferd vom Schwanz aufzäumen.