Wstrzymaj swoje konie, młody człowieku.

  • wstrzymać ‑am ‑asz pf, impf wstrzymywać ‑muję ‑jesz = hold up, delay.
  • ~ się od+G = to hold o.s. back from, abstain from
  • Wstrzymaj swoje konie = hold your horses (idiom)
  • Does anyone know if ‘‘Wstrzymaj swoje konie’’ is an actual Polish idiom, or just an English one that has been translated to Polish for this sentence? Thanks

“Wstrzymaj swoje konie” definitely isn’t a Polish idiom – this mistranslation can only be interpreted literally in Polish.

I’m not sure if there’s a good equivalent of that idiom in Polish. You could probably translate it into something like “chwileczkę” (“wait a minute”) or “spokojnie” (~ “relax”).

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Thanks, I’ll report this next time, ‘‘hold your horses’’ is certainly an idiom in English and if not so in Polish, they don’t mean the same thing.