Would Mongolian be possible at this point?

Looks like tatoeba is up to over 2.7k sentences in mongolian now, which is pretty decent, and there’s hardly any resources for Mongolian online at this point. I’d love to travel there one day and know a bit of the language.

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Mongolian would definitely be interesting!

I seem to recall that a minimum of 10,000 sentences was previously used for adding language pairings.

Though mike’s comment here does suggest that currently Mongolian might qualify for addition as a collection of random sentences (so no Fluency Fast Track or such) indeed :slight_smile:

I hope they add it, I mean Amharic is on here and it has only 167 sentences lol.

Although I forgot to look at mongolian translated to english specifically, looks like there’s only 1k of those. so it might not quite be enough yet

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Aah Mongolian would be a really nice addition :slight_smile:

I believe adding languages with little resources makes sense, because it could have a virtuous circle effect. The best way to encourage a trend towards creation of more learning content for a language, is to encourage people to learn it; and this is done by presenting them the best currently available content. Otherwise there would be no way at all to leverage these resources of Tatoeba!

If worries of quality and quantity of data were a lasting concern, we could add some kind of “warning” on clozemaster-languages that are in “developping phase”, and exclude them from general leaderboards if the userbase really cares about scores that much. (Not that I care)

/EDIT As a follow-up on this topic, I believe there is enough enthusiasm and love of ‘small’ languages on Clozemaster to potentially start initiatives of making them more popular. Eg encourage production of content, encourage people from those languages to participate in the protection of their language, etc. It might be a vain effort, but a large number of languages (or dialects, there’s no serious difference in my opinion) are threatened to disappear as they’re absorbed into the languages carried by larger powers.
Surely everyone here is convinced that culture is carried in part through languages and that their protection is therefore a noble objective. As an addition, Clozemaster’s community is remarkably inactive in contrast to other language learning communities (as anyone in the discord server knows), and such projects might help towards building meaningful connections between members (more so than comparing each other’s scores).