Woher hast du das?

Wouldn’t this mean, “Where did you get this from?” or would one understand it to mean the stated translation depending on the context? “Who did you get this from” would translate directly as “Von wem hast du (oder haben sie) das bekommen?” Nicht wahr?

I don’t know exactly what the original translation is but I assume it’s the ‘Who did you get this from’ you mention.
Principally, your understanding seems right.

But in daily use, ‘Woher hast du das’ is used both to refer to an idea/a fact whose origin someone wants to know (as “who told you that”) as well as to a thing (as “where did you get that from”)- As far as my understanding of the English language goes, “where did you get this from” better reflects the double meaning of “woher hast du das”, than “who did you get this from”.

Is that even remotely comprehensible :smiley: