Wo ist Vater? = ¿Dónde está padre?

La traducción para “Wo ist Vater” debería ser “Dónde está Padre.” “Wo ist Papa” debería ser “Dónde está Papá?”

Sorry for answering in English…

Papi is the most colloquial, Papa is better but still rather colloquial, Vater is rather outdated in this context. Today you’d ask ‘Wo ist Papa?’.

Thank you for the clarification about Papi and Papa. I have only heard Vater and Papa. I may have been asleep when I wrote the first note - I meant that Wo ist Vater should be Where is Father (Dónde está padre) and Wo ist Papa(Papi/Vati) should be Where is Daddy (Dónde está papá).

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