Wie heißt der Typ?

English Translation

What’s that guy’s name?

What does “Typ” mean in this sentence? Wouldn’t “Mann” work just as well?

It’s an appropriate colloquial translation for “guy”.
“Mann” would be correct as well, but the wrong register.


I believe you can also use “der Kerl” here.


Yes, Kerl also works. However, to me it feels a little more lower register, and also a bit more old-fashioned.


Usage of “Typ” felt like slang for “type, kind, or sort”
I did not know it applied only to men, thank you.

In fact, it can mean either “guy” or “type”, depending on context: dict.cc | Typ | English Dictionary

She’s not my type = sie ist nicht mein Typ

Who is that guy? = wer ist dieser Typ?