Wie heißt der Neue?

No gender indicated in the German sentence…

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I don’t know which word you had to fill in/from which langauge you are learning but in the german sentence “der” clearly indicates that it is about a male.


Welp, that’s new info to the brain. Danke schön!


Yeah, gender is tricky in German, because sometimes (like here) the article corresponds to the gender of the person, but other times (like with words like “die Person”, “das Mädchen”) it doesn’t, it’s just an arbitrary word that has its own grammatical gender, and in some cases the word can be someone of either gender, or in other cases the word only refers to someone of a specific gender.

In situations where an adjective is made into a noun, like “die Neue” or “der Neue”, however, the article does communicate gender.

IMHO this is one reason why grammatical gender is just a big mess and I strongly prefer languages that don’t have it. If I were to design a language, it would DEFINITELY not have it.

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English Translation

What’s the new guy’s name?

Couldn’t one could be wondering about the captain’s name?

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