Wie hat sie das bloß rausgefunden?

Would “bloß” be used where an English speaker would say “how the heck!” that kind of emphasis?

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The meaning is the same.
But I am not so sure about the usage.
Would you write “how the heck”? Probably not.
You can perfectly write this sentence with “bloß”, so it is difficult to find an English equivalent.
Maybe “…,I wonder”.

Thanks. Being more oriented to reading than speaking, I tend to imagine sentences (particularly in Clozemaster) as being taken from novels, where the conversational context is what’s plausible for a particular character to say. A very different character would respond with “…I wonder” than “what the heck!” but it sounds like a translator, or reader could find either translation “appropriate” given the context of character, right?

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Of course, characters in novels might say one or the other.
But the German character saying “How the heck …” would probably say “Wie zum Teufel hat sie das rausgefunden?”.