Widuję go czasami w klubie.

‘Widuję’ is derived from ‘widywać’. This is the frequentative from of ‘widzieć’. (A frequentative form indicates a repeated action).

Good idea to share this with other learners!

Frequentative forms carry the meaning of “from time to time”. There are very few of them in Polish—something between 6 and 10, I think.

Some other frequentative verbs (roughly from the most common to the least commonly used):

  • bywać (“to be”)
  • jadać (“to eat”)
  • czytywać (“to read”)
  • pisywać (“to write”)
  • chadzać (“to walk” / “to go”)


I thought, that as this is such a rare form of verb, I would leave a note for myself and for other learners.

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