Why is there no way to change your UI language to your target language?

I’d like to use the app in italian as I’m learning italian as well for better immersion, it’s a real shame that it’s not a feature in a language learning app. As someone who’s already at a decent level at italian and just needs vocab, I find it annoying that you can only choose to have “learning italian from english” and have no option to just have the entire thing in italian, see descriptions in italian etc. which is much more natural to learn. It should be a preference option. My apologies if it already is a feature.

I get your point, but I’m afraid this would at best only be feasible for the “big” languages, and even then it would require a substantial effort both in translation and implementation, which I think could be better used on other often-requested features, enhancements and fixes.


Just translating the UI cannot be that difficult I presume, no need to go into the details like too much. I find this to be a very important feature on a language learning app; I avoid interacting with English and my mother tongue like the plague, just to get on clozemaster to have to read English again. It very much negatively affects my immersion in the language, and immersion is one of the most important things when you’re learning a language at higher levels.

To add more onto this, I really challenge your notion that it should require substantial effort, clozemaster has an extremely extremely simple UI, moreover even AI can help with translating new features, so one wouldn’t even need to hire a translator full time to update it everytime there’s a new feature once translated.

Hell, just using Firefox’s translate this page button already can do a lot of the work, unfortunately it also breaks a lot of stuff so you can’t just use the translate this page button to solve this problem.

This isn’t exactly what you are requesting, but there is an option to hide the translation. Directions are here: How do I hide translations? - Clozemaster Knowledge Base

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To a large degree, it depends on whether the site was built from the beginning with easy translatability in mind or not, and how much of the UI you want to translate. I admit that only translating the game UI and not the front page would entail less of an effort, but then you will have a mix of languages that may appear confusing to some.

Also, one shouldn’t underestimate the increased maintenance burden that comes with this, as there are bound to be questionable translations that will be reported by obnoxious users like me. Especially if the translations are done by AI. :wink:


Unfortunately I already have it off but thank you a lot regardless!

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