When making a collection, is there a way to force/restrict the answer choices for a given cloze?

As per the title. Say I wish to make a collection of Toki Pona clozes that specifically focuses on training the user to differentiate between similar-looking words (e.g. “lanpan, pan, pana, pona”; “kala, kalama, kama”; “kili, lili, nimi, pilin, pini, pipi”, and other similar sets). I wish to do this by having the correct answer be one of these answer choices and having the other similar-looking-but-wrong words be represented in the other answer choices.

To give a more explicit example, I would like to create a collection that might include all three of the following clozes with the following answer choices:

Text: mi moku e {{pan}}. (I eat bread.)
Answer choices: lanpan, pan, pana, pona

Text: mi moku e {{kala}}. (I eat fish.)
Answer choices: kala, kalama, kama, [any other word]

Text: mi moku e {{kili}}. (I eat fruit.)
Answer choices: kili, [any three of “lili, nimi, pilin, pini, pipi”]

I know that if I had just one set of similar-looking words in the collection, I could use the “Multiple choice options: Cloze words” option. I also know that in other courses, the “Grammar Challenges” are similar (though those use various inflections of the same word, and Toki Pona doesn’t have Grammar Challenges or inflections). However, if I want to make a single collection with multiple different sets of similar-looking words, and confine each set of answer choices to just the set relevant to the current cloze (instead of all of the sets in the collection), how could I do it?