What has happened to dictionary lookup?

@mike Not a good week for me in Clozemaster land! Word lookup from completed sentences used to be pretty enough. Now it’s awful! Defaulting to Wiktionary and not a good GUI. Is this temporary?

Along with my iOS bug report on freezing behavior, which has not been replied to, I’m think the app is breaking down into something completely unusable. I love Clozemaster and use it daily, so I’m really disappointed by these issues.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear! Awful how so? There’s a button beneath the Wiktionary frame to turn it off if you’d like.

Apologies for the delay on the iOS bug report. We’re unable to reproduce as of yet and wanted to see if the update might have an impact. I’ll respond more in that thread.

@mike I know you are busy so thanks for your replies! I “found” the wiktionary button after scrolling down, which was not intuitive. Before there was a pop-up which was easy to read and easy to clear without retraining myself to find the X. Anyway, this I can adapt to though I don’t see it as an improvement.

Clozemaster is current
iOS 15.4.1 on iPhone 13 Mini
(Same thing on iPad 9.)