Wenn er betrunken ist, gerät er außer Kontrolle.

English Translation

He gets out of control when drunk.

What verb is that? I’ve only ever heard das Gerät = the device

The verb is “geraten”, which means something like “to get into”, “to end up”, but also “to turn out”.

The basic meaning is that you end up involuntarily in a certain situation. In this sentence, “he” loses control without being able to do anything about it.

Er ist durch seine Drogensucht in Schwierigkeiten geraten. - He got into trouble due to his drug addiction.
Wo bin ich da nur hineingeraten? - Where have I ended up being? / What have I gotten myself into?
Durch seinen Leichtsinn ist er in ein gefährliches Abenteuer geraten. - He ended up in a dangerous adventure because of his recklessness.

The other meaning (to turn out) is used for example like this:

Das Foto is etwas dunkel geraten. - The photo turned out a bit dark.
Der Haarschnitt ist etwas zu kurz geraten. - The haircut turned out/ended up being a bit short.

This page Verben im Satz lists common combinations with “geraten”:

  • in Bedrängnis geraten
  • in Erregung geraten
  • in schlechte Gesellschaft geraten
  • in Verdacht geraten
  • in Vergessenheit geraten
  • in Verzweiflung geraten
  • in Wut/Zorn geraten