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Guten Tag and welcome to the new Clozemaster forum!

Sentence comments show up in the Language Specific category, the Language Learning category is for all things language learning, the Clozemaster category is for all things Clozemaster, and the Bug Reports category is for any bugs you might find on the web or mobile apps.

The forum is visible to everyone, but only Pro users can contribute. We’re always working to improve Clozemaster, including the forum, so please always feel free to post any feedback you might have here or contact us directly at contact@clozemaster.com.

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Thanks for playing and happy language learning!


Woah, look at this! I just saw the discussion button under my practice sentences and ended up here. Being able to discuss individual sentences is something I always appreciated about Duolingo and I’m glad to see it ported over here. And forums in general will be a nice way to stay in contact with other language learners. Thanks for getting it set up! :sparkles: I’m looking forward to how things grow from here.


Glad to hear, and same! Still rolling it out - please be sure to let me know if you notice any issues or there’s anything we might do to make it better.


the forum tutorial was cool! that must have been a ton of work. I love clozemaster! :smile: