Weiß Ihre Frau davon?

English Translation

Does your wife know about it?

Is there a significant difference in meaning between “Weiß Ihre Frau es/das?” and “Wieß Ihre Frau davon?”?

No. I cannot think of a situation, in which one or the other would be wrong.
If you are very nit-picking “davon” means “something about it”, so “davon” can mean that you know only part of the truth.

You only have to be careful with the word order.

Weiß Ihre Frau davon? (“davon” always in the end)
Weß das Ihre Frau? / Weiß Ihre Frau das? (both possibile)
Weiß es Ihre Frau? (“es” in the end sounds not good to me, but I do not think it is wrong)


I was not thinking about the word order, which is totally a good point here. Vielen Dank für die ausführliche Antwort!