Was berufen ist zu entstehen, ist auch berufen zu vergehen.

This is translated “Whatever is subject to origination is all subject to cessation.” and I’m having trouble understanding this sentence in either language.

Looking at it literally in German it seems to say: “Whatever is summoned/appointed to arise, is also summoned/appointed to pass away / leave / expire.” I almost want to translate “berufen” here as “destined” even though it’s not usually how this word is translated.

I think I get the meaning. Not quite sure how to put it into English though without it coming across as extremely abstract and hard-to-grasp like the current translation is.

I can see your issues with it indeed and can’t really offer any better translations either, though the “destined” definitely seems apt in a “That which is destined to exist, is also destined to perish” kind of way. In a more literal (but more convoluted and more confusing) sense, I would see it as “What is called into existence, is also called to perish”.

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