Wann haben Sie die Prüfung abgelegt?

English Translation

When did you pass the exam?

Shouldn’t this be “When did you take the exam?” or “When did you sit the exam?” ?

The set of sentences on Tatoeba is quite confusing, as there are sentences in German with abgelegt and bestanden, and in English with pass and take.

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That’s difficult.
“Wann haben Sie die Prüfung abgelegt?” (Vergangenheit!) implies a positive result but it is not as clear cut as “Wann haben Sie die Prüfung bestanden?”
Otherwise one would say:
“Wann haben Sie die Prüfung geschrieben?”
or more formal
“Wann sind Sie zur Prüfung angetreten?”

Literally “ablegen” means “lay aside” or “put away”.

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