Voi siete la mia principessa.

Why is the subject and verb (Voi siete) in the plural and the object (la mia principessa) in the singular? Is it correct in Italian to do this? Is the meaning of the sentence that several people are one princess or that several people are all princesses? I need to know if the sentence is incorrect and, if not, what it really means. Should it read, “Voi siete le mie principesse.” ?

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This is an interesting example of how Tatoeba works. If we take a look at the Tatoeba page for the English sentence this is translated from, we see that this is only one of a few variations on “You’re my princess”. You can find “Tu sei la mia principessa” as well.



Hmm, I too wondered why it was “voi siete” and not “tu sei”. Grazie per la risposta.

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