Voi non dovete avere questa chiave.

[details=“English Translation”]You’re not supposed to have this key.[/details] All my comments seem to start with, “Am I missing something?”. Shouldn’t this be “dovreste”? It seems to make more sense to say, “You shouldn’t have this key” rather than “You don’t have to have this key” or “You mustn’t have this key.” So…what am I missing?


According to DeepL, “Voi non dovete avere questa chiave” translates to “You must not have this key.” In practice you would probably say, “You shouldn’t have this key” but I don’t think that implies the conditional should be used.

According to my favorite grammar book, “The conditional (il condizionale) generally expresses hypothetical or imaginary events and situations, as well as events dependent on a condition.” In this case, it sounds like the speaker is addressing a known event or situation.


Interesting. I read the “voi” as emphasis.

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You are not missing anything, the Italian/English versions do not match.

As you noticed, to match the English sentence, you should use the conditional in the Italian one, so “dovreste” instead of “dovete”.