Vi dispiacerebbe chiamarmi un dottore?

English Translation

Would you mind calling a doctor for me?

If “Vi” is used, it should be dispiacereste. Dispiacerebbe is for “La”


I think it is correct, dispiacere works the same way as piacere.

It might be easier to think of it as “Would it displease you (all) to call a doctor for me?”, though of course that sounds very clumsy in English.


No, the original sentence is correct and common.

It is a common way to ask for a favor. Roughly equivalent to “If it does not bother you”.

It may also be used as a respectful singular you. Especially since the formula is “resopectful” speech.

Also “Le dispiacerebbe”…

“Vi dispiacereste” exists, as a conjugation of “Dispiacersi” (to get displeased). But it would not work in this instance.


But doesn’t dispiacerebbe refer to the doctor like piacere? Ah, I see David’s reply which I agree with, and mike-lima, mille grazie👍