User Interviews - no time slot?

Hi, I just got this popup for “User Interviews”, but when I clicked it, apparently there are no more time slots for them in August, and I can’t scroll the calendar to look for time slots in September (clicking the arrows does nothing). I do want to voice my opinions more directly to the Clozemaster team than on the forum; does anyone here know more about these User Interviews?

I’d like to know more about this as well. I think I mistyped my e-mail address but I was “confirmed” anyway for an appointment today with someone named Claire – but with no way for anyone to communicate with me. The appointment starts in an hour and fifteen minutes (noon Eastern US time on Monday 2022-09-05), and I’m hoping I can reach someone. @mike @Claireweingartner ?

@edderiofer apologies for missing this! We’ll let you know as we get more time slots added.

@alanf I just saw your email come through as well and will follow up there.

And thank you both of course for offering to provide your feedback!

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Thanks for the e-mail and for requesting these interviews, @mike !