Updates to the forum

Hello Cloze Masters!

We’re going to be moving the forum from being accessible via a subdirectory (clozemaster.com/forum) to a subdomain (forum.clozemaster.com) over the course of the next few weeks. Doing so should resolve issues such as


among others.

We’ll set up redirects and do our best to make the change seamless from your perspective, but there may be a few bugs and some downtime for the forum as we get everything sorted.

We’ll post updates here as needed and once the switch has been made.


We’ve moved the forum to a subdomain as described above. Please let us know if you notice any issues!


Nothing major; when I first visited the new subdomain I had to log in again but clicking the login button was enough to do that.

There IS… one little thing. It’s a niggle more than anything but it would have been nice to have, and it dates back to the old forum as well. There is no link from the forum to take us back to our dashboard. As a result whenever visiting the discussion forum I usually do it by right clicking and opening in a new tab because once here, short of clicking the Back button however many times is necessary there is no way of returning to the lessons area.


As I observed in a reply to this thread… it’s now there. Excellent!