Un uomo può a conoscere il prezzo di tutto e il valore di nulla.

[details=“English Translation”]A man can know the price of everything and the value of nothing.[/details] This doesn’t seem grammatical. Opinions? “Riuscire” requires the preposition “a” to connect it to another verb, but I’ve never seen it done with “potere.” In Tatoeba, the sentence comes up with an additional translation using “riuscire” by the same contributor. Is he saying both are acceptable or was he perhaps in a hurry to add two versions, replaced the verb, and forgot to take out the preposition?


Thanks so much for raising this one.

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It is clearly a typo. It could be “può conoscere”, “riesce a conoscere” or also “può riuscire a conoscere”. “Potere a” is grammatically incorrect as hab suggested.