Tutto quello che deve fare è compiere una scelta.

English Translation

All you have to do is make a choice.

Giorgio’s stress pattern isn’t very clear, but it sounds closer to compiere than compiere, which seems to be the correct one.

English Translation

That’s all I know.

Can “tutto quello che” be shortened to “tutto quel che”?

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Ciao @morbrorper I think the English translation here is “All he has to do is make a choice”.

I don’t remember seeing “tutto quel che”. Mike is our go-to man here for more info I think.

A dopo…

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Hi @morbrorper,

both “tutto quello che” and “tutto quel che” are correct.


Thanks, that really takes a load off my chest :slightly_smiling_face:

My question was actually about “È tutto quello che so”, but it ended up here. Sorry about the confusion.

Ah my apologies. Devo stare zitto per ora;-)

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