Tutti si fidano di lui nella classe.

English Translation

He is relied on by everyone in the class.

I don’t know. “Everyone in the class trusts him” was my attempt to translate. “Relied on” is something like “fatto affidamento su”. ( Hit me with that fish if you must but “relied on” and “trust someone” are different things ).

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Trust him/rely on him in this context I see what is meant and both work for me. But I do see how it could be confusing.


“Fanno affidamento su” or “si affidano a” is the correct translation. Of course, people rely on someone only if they trust them…

Edit: added the prepositions after the verbs.


[details=“English Translation”]He is relied on by everyone in the class.[/details]@barcarolle, I am witholding my fish for a more appropriate slapping moment. I agree though, that the sentence makes sense as translated, as in relied on, could be affidano or fidano. My question is: I wanted to try contare, would that ever work or does contare not include the English count on/rely on sort of meaning.


@sjfree “Tutti contano su di lui in classe” would also be a good translation, thank you for proposing the idea.