Tu ti meriti il meglio.

English Translation

You deserve the best.

I see in my dictionary that both “meritare” and “meritarsi” mean “deserve.” So, is the reflexive used for emphasis only?

Unlike my grammar book, Collins has a good chapter on reflexives, Reflexive verbs | Learning Italian Grammar | Collins Education . In case of meritare and meritarsi I think that meritare can be used as non-reflexive verb for deserve, merit, earn, warrant and be worth; and meritarsi as a reflexive verb for deserve and merit. So, meritare could be used as both reflexive and non-reflexive verb. I do not think reflexive is used here for emphasis only. (As always, correct me…)


I think the Tu here is the only emphasis - You, you deserve the best! And as per barcarolle on the reflexive part. Happy to be corrected though.


Thanks to both of you - that makes perfect sense. I conflated tu and ti here, and once I thought about it more, I understood the structure better.

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