Tu come lo impari l'esperanto?

English Translation

How do you learn Esperanto?

One question for two sentences: who says impari correctly Giorgio or Carla?

Couldn’t find this sentence but Giorgio is saying ìmpari on every ìmpari I could find. Bravo Giorgio!

In query (which has a magnifying glass sign) , when typing impari l’esperanto you will see just 4 sentences. They are almost identical but have absolutely different impari. Take a listen.

Interestingly I hear all ìmpari tho spoken veeery quickly, but one Carla - impàri - having an off-day;-)

Am I misunderstanding something here? To my knowledge, the stress is regular: impĂ ri.


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Hi @morbrorper Checking with all the usual sites, it does seem that they lean more on the i than the a. It is very minimal tho, almost as if the im is almost “swallowed”.

A dopo.