С Божьей помощью...

English Translation

God willing…

I find the English sentence a bit strange…
“With God’s help…” (with help of God) sounds better, if I don’t miss something about the russian sentence.

The English has unusual syntax, but it’s a fixed expression, and it sounds natural if you’ve heard it repeatedly over your lifetime (as I have).

I think the basic thought is the same: There’s some element of luck that’s out of the control of the speaker (and the person being spoken to) that will determine whether the desired outcome occurs. The control is figuratively or literally seen as belonging to a higher power. Whether the higher power has to simply want the same outcome as the speaker in order for it to happen (as in the English), or needs to actively intervene (as in the Russian) is a cultural detail that doesn’t change the fundamental meaning.

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Thank you so much for a very detailed explanation.
It’s interesting to learn about small nuances in fixed expressions.

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