Поверить не могу, что Вы выходите замуж.

English Translation

I can’t believe you’re getting married.

Where does the accent fall on выходите in this sentence?

It’s выхОдите.

And выходИте is the imperative mood.

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Thanks. It’s in these instances where the placement of the accent is most important (in order to disambiguate the word) that the automatic stress generator tends to break down.

Yeah… I don’t know any automatic ones that can tackle this problem at least decently. Voices from Google seem to try to get the correct accent based on the context, but only in very obvious cases.

Btw, there is also вЫходите, but it has a completely different meaning: To care after a sick or helpless due to other reasons person (or animal) until he/she/it is healthy again. Something like: “Сначала сами вЫходите двухнедельного котёнка, а потом уже осуждайте волонтёров, которые не хотят отдавать его первому встречному.”

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I have found the Yandex voices quite good at finding the right stress pattern in context and dealing with bugbears like все/всё. Also for cases like the one mentioned above or e.g. “Иди́те посмотри́те на это.” where Clozemaster’s voice does not give the imperative, and other patterns where the CM voice has trouble. IDK how Yandex stands up compared to Google.