У него плохое зрение.

English Translation

He has poor eyesight., His eyesight is bad., He has bad eyes.

First time I’ve got more than one translation for one sentence. Is this a new feature or a mistake? I mean, if this was a writing exercise, do I have to write all the translations?

It’s not a new feature, but relatively speaking, there aren’t many such sentences. You need to write only one cloze possibility. In fact, I don’t think you could write more than one even if you wanted to.

If you’ve enabled using text color as a hint, I think you’ll see the letters you type marked as correct (green) as long as they match one of the possibilities. However, if you’ve set the size of the text box to change with the size of the cloze, it can only match one of the clozes. This can be confusing.

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