Ты сказал, что его имя - Том, не так ли?

What is all of this about Tom? Are they talking about the guy from Myspace?

These sentences come from Tatoeba.org where their John Doe is called Tom.

This makes sense.

I was thinking, I don’t know if Clozemaster has, or wants to build, the capacity to edit or modify sentences relative to what’s on Tatoeba, but it might improve the quality of the course if the names were switched out and in their place, a variety of authentic Russian names were included, roughly in order of frequency of occurrence.

Names are an important part of learning a language and culture, and every language has its own common names. If you’re familiar with them, this can make it a lot easier to remember names in social settings.

This would be an issue in every language, not just Russian.

This seems to be the first major deficiency I’ve encountered in Clozemaster’s practice of taking from Tatoeba. I particularly noticed it in the Chinese course, where it’s a little glaring that it uses Western names, transliterated. Such names are infrequently used; most Westerners I know who do business in China or spend significant time there have actually taken on Chinese names.

Yes this has been asked here What Updates Have Been Done & What's Coming? - #13 by AlexG71 - News and Updates - Clozemaster so don’t hesitate to add your input/request to the thread :slight_smile: