Это не по моей части.

English Translation

This is not in my line.

What does this English sentence mean, can anyone paraphrase this?

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I think you may have two related questions:
(1) What does “This is not in my line” mean?
(2) What does “Это не по моей части” mean?

But I’ll answer a third related question that should address the other two: (3) How can I find the answer other than by posting a question on the Clozemaster forum?

You can use the “Sentence Source” button under the red “Report” button right after you’ve guessed the word, or the “Source” button by searching for the sentence at any point, to find the sentence at Tatoeba, which is the source of the written sentences at Clozemaster. Here’s the button from the search dialog:

If you click the button, you get taken to the corresponding sentence page at Tatoeba:

I’ve circled (a) the direct translations into English (that is, the ones that are explicitly marked as being valid translations) and (b) the indirect translations into English (that is, translations of translations, which may or may not be valid translations of the original sentence).

You can also search Reverso Context:

So the original Russian seems to mean something like either “It’s not something that I like” or “It’s not my responsibility”. “This is not in my line” is more closely related to the second meaning, though personally, I would say “That’s not my line.”

There’s no guarantee that you’ll find the answers to your questions at Tatoeba or Reverso Context, but often you can.


Thanks for the answer, that is extremely helpful. Occasionally English translations are opaque or idiomatic (I’m a native speaker, and with no context something like “This is not my line” doesn’t mean anything to me), so the Sentence Source function will be a great help.