Вообще-то, у меня их нет.

English Translation

Actually, I don’t have them.

In pronunciations for Russian sentences, there’s no need to place accent marks on single-syllable words or particles, and in fact, doing so is misleading, since it suggests that the syllable is stressed within the sentence, when this is usually not true. It would be better to skip the accents for single-syllable words altogether. In this specific example, there’s no word-level or sentence-level accent on то, yet the word was written “Вообще́-то́” in the pronunciation. Here’s the entire pronunciation:

Вообще́-то́, у́ меня́ и́х не́т.

Note also the accent marks on “у” and “их”, which are not stressed at the sentence level, and, as single-syllable words, have no word-level stress.

Calling this out to @mike, since this is a systemic problem for pronunciations in Russian.

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